DCU Reborn: Your Reading Checklist

DCU Reborn - Your Reading Checklist | Sidetracked Comics

Exciting news for DC Comics fans! The newly formed DC Studios, led by none-other than Guardians of the Galaxy writer/director James Gunn, has just unveiled plans for the rebooted DC Cinematic Universe…

In a press event held at the Warner Bros. studio lot, Gunn and fellow DC Studios boss Peter Safran introduced the first 10 film and TV titles that will kick off the revamped DCU in a phase known as “Gods and Monsters.”

From Superman and Batman to lesser-known characters like Booster Gold and Swamp Thing, this lineup look enticing for comic books fans of all stripes. Join us below to delve into what we know so far about the reborn DCU – and check out our reading recommendations to get a headstart!

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Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline (Updated for 2024)

Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline (Updated for 2021) | Sidetracked Comics

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has become a juggernaut of pop culture since blasting off with Iron Man back in 2008. For comic book fans, this has been pure cinematic nirvana. Under the guidance of studio head Kevin Fiege, the gigantic film-and-TV-series has made global stars out of characters such as the Avengers, the Guardians … Read more