Man Without Fear: The Death of Daredevil (2019) Review

Man Without Fear: The Death of Daredevil Review (TPB) | Sidetracked Comics

Despite being a big fan of Daredevil: The Man Without Fear, it’s been some time since I was last up to speed with his adventures. With recent developments in the title piquing my curiosity I’ve decided to start at the beginning of writer Chip Zdarsky’s run. However, that is a direct follow on from previous … Read more

Ben Reilly: Spider-Man Review

Ben Reilly: Spider-Man Review | Sidetracked Comics

A long time ago – the mid ‘90s, to be precise – there was a controversial Spider-Man story called the Clone Saga. This multi-year epic re-introduced a perfect clone of Spider-Man, one who hadn’t been seen since his first appearance way back in 1975, which added a whole new level to the chaos going on … Read more

Superman: Lois and Clark Review

Superman: Lois and Clark Review | Sidetracked Comics

2022 has really turned into my big DC Comics year, huh? Following on from recent articles on Batman and Joker, now it’s time to take a look at DC’s other bigshot – the ol’ blue boy scout himself, Superman. To kick things off we’re looking at Superman: Lois and Clark. It’s a title that feeds … Read more

Spawn Origins: Volume 1 Review

Spawn Origins: Volume 1 Review | Sidetracked Comics

Taking us right back to the beginning, Spawn Origins: Vol 1 collects issues 1-6 of the long-running Image Comics series. Created by legendary artist Todd McFarlane, Spawn is the story of Al Simmons, a CIA Black Ops agent and contract killer who is murdered in mysterious circumstances before being resurrected as a demonic Spawn. Cursed … Read more